Did You Choose the Right Pair of Scissors?

man cutting hair using scissors in a beauty salonIf you think that all hair cutting scissors are the same, you are wrong. The length, shape, the blade, handle, and thumb grip all play an important part in cutting hair. If you are not comfortable with the pair of scissors you are using in New Zealand, how do you expect to use it properly?

Common Types Of Hairdressing Scissors

  • Thinning shears. Thinning shears can be used by either right-handed or left-handed stylists. These scissors are mainly used to thin the sections of hair that tend to get thick, such as the back and the sides.
  • Razor shears. Razor shears do not cut hair. Instead, the cutting motion texturises hair when it makes textured cuts.
  • Regular shears. Regular shears are the most common and most used type of scissors. The length and shape may vary depending on the preference of the stylist.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Pair Of Hairdressing Scissors

You might be surprised to learn that different kinds of hairdressing scissors are used to achieve different results. For example, serrated scissors are perfect for straight, tapered, and layered cuts but they cannot be used for other styles such as chopping or slice cutting. Scissors with a convex edge, on the other hand, are great for chopping or slice cutting because they have the smoothest and sharpest cutting blades.

The shape of the scissors also plays an important role because the right one can significantly reduce hand fatigue. This is especially beneficial when you have lots of customers. Surely, you don’t want to end up with sore hands. There are three scissor shapes: classic, offset, and crane.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a pair of scissors, you need to take into consideration the style of cut you wish to do and, most importantly, your comfort. Hand fatigue is a common problem among hair stylists, and you need to pick the right pair of scissors carefully.