Furnace Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Man fixing gas furnaceWith the cold months just around the corner, homes all across the nation are going to need their furnaces. But before you start chopping the firewood and pumping gas, be sure you have your heating unit – whether furnace or boiler – inspected regularly.

Furnace experts in Salt Lake City are readily available to answer all your concerns. But in most cases, a simple, visual inspection can be more than enough to save you time and money.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for.

What to Watch Out For

Checking your vents is very important. Over time, parts of the ventilation may have corroded. Checking on ventilation connections is the first pre-emptive step in maintenance. Next, concentrate your attention on the heat exchanger.

Whether you heat your home with a boiler or furnace, a damaged heat exchanger can be a cause of accidents. Faulty boiler heat exchangers leak water and are easy to spot. Damaged furnace heat exchangers, on the other hand, are much trickier.

A furnace heat exchanger mixes combustion gasses with house air and leakage here could spell catastrophe. For optimum heating, adjust your furnace or boiler controls to provide the best water and air temperature settings possible. This will avoid wasted heat, which could lead to a larger heating bill.

If you find any issues in any of the parts of your heating equipment above, make sure to contact a trained, licensed professional to avoid further damage and any mishaps.

Safe Heating Operation

In all cases, you should exercise proper furnace safety. You are playing with fire, after all. Keep anything combustible as far away from the heat source as possible. Establish a 3-foot wide perimeter around your furnace or boiler. This safe zone is for children and small pets.

Always have your heating equipment inspected at least once a year and only allow qualified professionals to repair your heating systems.

With these tips, you can keep Jack Frost from nipping at your toes and, more importantly, at your wallet.