Material Options for Hair Cutting Scissors

stainless scissors with hair and combHair cutting shears are the most vital tool for your barber or hairdressing shop. They, after all, determine the final look of your clients’ haircuts. There are several considerations when picking the scissors for your shop, but the blades’ material remains among the most important.

The material for the blades of your hair scissors determines their longevity, quality and sharpness. Most shear materials are alloys for enhanced corrosion resistance and strength. Here are the three common alloys in which you can get your shop’s haircutting scissors.

Stainless Steel Alloy

This is the most popular alloy used for scissors. 420A and 440C are the primary categories of stainless steel alloys used for making scissors. 440C is the more expensive alloy between the two since it has a higher carbon amount and is stronger as it can be tempered. Carbide and sintered steel are among the latest entrants on the hair cutting shears market but still quite costly.

Cobalt Base Alloy

This material is also a popular option for barbers and hairdressers. Cobalt is renowned for its chemical and rust-resistance. It also does not easily chip or nick, and hence the blades can withstand multiple sharpening.

Blades made from cobalt base alloy, however, wear out faster than those made from stainless steel alloy though they are more expensive than the latter.

Molybdenum Alloy

Molybdenum is among the most flexible material options for scissor blades. It can hence be hardened to extremely high levels without becoming excessively brittle. Scissor blades made of molybdenum alloy are razor-sharp, fine and last exceptionally long.

You can enhance the colour of your shears regardless of the alloy you select from the above with titanium coating. Thankfully, the titanium coating does not impact the blades’ edge retention in any way.

Rather than spend a day looking for the perfect shears and losing income, you could conveniently shop from a decent online store.