Quashing Misconceptions About Facial Aesthetics in Camden

woman having facial treatmentThere are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to getting facial aesthetics procedures. Sometimes this is because people are getting different kinds of treatments mixed up. Other times it is due to a misrepresentation in the media or from a well-meaning friend.

Whatever the patient’s concerns, they can get the right information by visiting a qualified professional at a clinic like Ace Dental. Getting facial aesthetics in Camden should be a relaxing and smooth process and this is much more likely with all the right information.

Temporary or permanent?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are usually not permanent. They are an alternative to facelifts, but they do not do quite the same job in terms of longevity. Many patients find this comforting as it means a low level of commitment to a rejuvenated look. Some use it as a stepping stone to full cosmetic surgery, as it gives them a chance to test out an approximation of the look they might be able to achieve.

The length of the effect of facial aesthetics in Camden varies from person to person, from one active substance to another, and from one area of the face to another. There are lots of different factors at play so it’s best to take the advice of a skilled practitioner to get an estimate. However, most will last more than three months but less than a year.

Men or women?

Facial aesthetics in Camden are suitable for both men and women. The number of men getting Botox accounts for one in four patients.

Both men and women want to look younger and Botox can help reduce wrinkles in the appropriate areas by relaxing the facial muscles so that they do not constantly make new lines.

While dermal fillers also reduce the appearance of wrinkles, they do so by plumping up the skin. This is fine for women who may want a softer, rounder appearance, but some men might be concerned that this will make them look more feminine. They can talk to their practitioner about this. It might be more appropriate for them to use a different type of filler than that which is given to women.