3 Items that Protect You from the Sun

Woman applying sunscreen on her shoulderBy now, everyone should already be aware of the dangers of too much sun on the skin. This, of course, does not mean you should just avoid the sun every day. After all, it is the best source of vitamin D.

Navigating a day while protecting yourself from the dangers of too much sun exposure need not be difficult if you have these tools:


SPF is something you need in as many products you apply on your face as possible. On your regular days, you need products with sunscreen to keep you protected from UV rays. You need to double up on the protection when you are out tanning under the sun.

Moisturising sunscreens should do the trick, giving you moisturised the skin while preventing irreversible sun damage. Even with a high SPF product, however, you should still not try to sunbathe at high noon, when the sun is at its strongest.

Window Tint

You may be inside your car, but this does not mean the UV rays cannot reach you. Without a window tint, you are still prone to skin cancer and other problems caused by too much sun exposure. Window tinting is a one-time process that will benefit you for the long haul.

Some houses receiving direct sunlight also have their windows tinted to protect inhabitants as well as furniture, as the sun fades their surface easily.


For those quick runs outdoor, you will need an umbrella to protect you from sun or rain. This is ideal if you are in a rush and have not had enough time to apply sunscreen.

Though experts do not recommend that you forgo sunscreen application just because you have an umbrella, it is better to have either of the two instead of no protection at all, especially if you are exposed to strong UV rays.

It does not take much to protect your skin from the sun. Remember these items if you want to enjoy your life without sun damage.