Factors That Can Help You Find the Right Eyewear

Woman having her eyes checkDo you know that 74% of people across the UK either underwent laser surgery to help them see better or wear corrective glasses?

About 69 percent of people in the UK wear corrective glasses while 13% wear contact lenses. In recent years, thanks to reliable eyewear frame manufacturers and advances in technology, more and more people are wearing glasses as part of their personal style and fashion. When you are shopping for eyewear for fashion or prescription, you need to consider three factors.

The shape of your face

Not all glasses, no matter how stylish and expensive, will look good on you. You need to consider your face shape and best angles when looking for glasses. A trip to the store can help you find the right shape for you with the help of a professional.

The colour of your skin

For everyday wear, you should consider your skin tone so you can find the right frame colours for you. For example, if you have a warm skin tone, choose frame colours that are gold, honey, olive green or beige.

The activities you do

You also need to consider your lifestyle and your daily activities. If you are quite active, you can find frames with side guards and straps. Some recommend sports goggles for better protection during a sporting activity. These goggles are now becoming more common as more professional athletes wear them during competition. The last thing you want to think is your glasses breaking when you’re active.

Seeing Clearly

Choosing the right eyewear need not be difficult. As always, consult a professional when you don’t know where to start. They will give you advice on lenses, frames, and even what works for your condition.