For Your Face Shape Only: Frames for Round Faces

Glasses on top of bookGlasses are now more than corrective lenses to enhance your vision. Eyewear has become a standard fashion accessory, but in the age of customisation, frames and lenses could also be made to suit your style. In this case, which kinds of frames would suit those who have round faces?

Geometric Frames

A reliable optical frame manufacturer will design and suggest the right frame for your face. In this case, the most common is the angular and geometric frame. These frames help balance your face. They can accentuate and sharpen your features.

Rectangular Frames

A round face can look broad and equal from all sides. A rectangular frame breaks up your face’s features; it creates the illusion of a thinner face and less broad forehead.

Upswept Frames

People with round faces often have round cheeks. Glasses with upswept frames could lessen the emphasis on your cheeks and give the illusion of lifting your entire face.

Some people want to try on different frames regardless of their face shape.  Try as many frames as you can if you are feeling adventurous, but remember that some frames are not for you. Here are some of them.

Small and Short Frames

Small glasses and short frames are not complementary to round faces. They only make your face look broader, especially if the frames do not reach the sides of your face.

Round Frames

Wearing eyewear with round frames can only emphasize the roundness and broadness of your face. If it repeats the shape of your face, it is not a flattering accessory and only heightens the lack of angles in your facial features.

The Right Frame for You

There will always be the right frame that suits anyone’s face, but aside from the shape of the frames, the tint or the colour will also determine the kind of glasses that would be right for you.

Face shape and skin tone are important points to consider for the best frame match, but a reliable optical frame manufacturer will never fail to remind the things you should also consider: your needs and lifestyle.