From Self-Healing to Healing Others

a woman having a reiki treatmentHave you ever seen someone in so much pain, while you were feeling 100% fine, and wished that you could share that 100% with him? Some people would say that you can do that. And maybe they’re not wrong. Reiki masters teach this in a Reiki Level 2 course. You can gather energy from within you, and transfer it to someone else to activate that person’s natural healing process.

But you must know, that healing has to come from within. And more people these days are looking into different spiritual techniques to heal the mind, body, heart, and soul. If these elements are not one and whole, finding healing would be difficult. That’s why it’s vital to know how to:

Connect with the energy of the universal life force in you

Everyone is filled with this energy. You’ll find that there are many emotions and sensations that it can bring. This will help you clear out anything that’s stopping you from being one with yourself. And once you’ve achieved that,

Channel that energy to those who need it

Share that hundred percent by using that energy and sending it off to a friend who just lost a loved one, to a relative sick in bed, to a colleague stressed from work, or even to your pet who’s suffering a bad infection.

You’ve heard it once before, and you’ll hear it again. Most of the physical ailments come from a person’s emotional and mental state. So, when you want to help someone who’s not feeling complete, you can sit in silence, meditate, and start focusing on all that energy in and around you. You may not even consciously have to send it out after that. Once you’ve found wholeness, it will inevitably transfer to everyone around you.