Healing Touch: Energy Therapies for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Woman Having Reiki Healing TreatmentDeciding which healing modality is best for you may take time. You can always shift to another approach to your changing needs, but you have to start somewhere, right? To get started, you must find the time to learn how the more popular alternative approaches can help your current state. If you have a few minutes, you can start learning here.


Reflexology is a specific form of massage that focuses on reflex points on the feet, which represent different systems of the body. You will find plenty of literature supporting the effectivity of reflexology for conditions such as post-operative pain, pre-menstrual syndrome, and stress.


A Reiki 2 course offers more advanced learning in the vibrational healing practice, which is a Japanese healing practice. Reiki is administered using light touches, which manipulate the vibrational field surrounding and penetrating the human body.

A person’s daily wellness regimen can include this healing approach. Its purpose is to improve the flow of free energy and relieve symptoms of discomfort and pain. There is a form of massage based on the healing practice, but traditionally, the practice involves the application of prescribed hand positions, with or without physical contact.

Polarity therapy

India’s Ayurveda medical system has given rise to polarity treatment, which is an approach consisting of self-awareness techniques, physical exercises, and dietary regimes, among others. Polarity certifications are available from a dedicated school, and can be implemented by a trained energy therapist. Polarity therapy offers relief from acute and chronic pain and even works well as part of grief and bereavement programs.


From China, the ancient practice of acupressure has similarities with acupuncture. Only, the approach does not use needles. A trained healer’s hands manipulate acupoints to facilitate energy flow and promote balance. Acupressure has physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Energy therapies and alternative healing approaches may not be for everyone, but they are certainly worth trying. Are you ready to explore new possibilities?