The Facts and Figures of Dental Implants

Woman at a dental appointmentSometimes no matter how many people recommend a treatment such as dental implants in Cheltenham, it can be hard to be completely convinced of how effective it really is. After all, every patient is different and what one considers excellent results might not be the same for another. That’s where looking at the facts and figures can make a difference.

Patients can speak to any experienced implant dentist about dental implants in Cheltenham, such as at Cheltenham Dental Spa, to find out the hard facts about this clinically proven treatment for tooth loss.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of key facts about dental implants.

53 years

This is how long ago the first titanium dental implant was placed into a patient by surgeon Per-Ingvar Brånemark, who originally discovered the miraculous ability of titanium to fully integrate with the body.

40 years

This is how long it has been since dental implants have been more widely available to the general public. While their introduction to the mass market in the 1980s didn’t make headlines, dental implants in Cheltenham today are now a popular choice for patients with tooth loss.


This is the success rate for dental implant surgery. Prior to placing a dental implant into the jawbone, an implant dentist will ensure that the patient is ready. This means that any dental disease has been resolved and other general health conditions that affect healing, such as diabetes, are under control. They will also check the health of the jawbone to ensure it is dense enough to hold the implants. If this isn’t the case, procedures can be carried out to build the jawbone back up. With all of these boxes ticked, implant surgery is,by and large, successful, so long as the patient continues to look after their oral health to prevent the onset of gum disease.


This is how many replacement teeth a single dental implant can support. Patients who have lost multiple teeth therefore won’t necessarily need one dental implant per missing tooth. In fact, dental innovation has led to the development of All-on-4, a technique that enables an entire jaw of teeth to be restored using just 4 dental implants.