What Happens when You Moisturise Your Skin

a woman applying moisturising cream on her faceYou may think moisturising is an unnecessary step when doing your makeup, but you are wrong. It is as essential as drawing on your eyebrows or applying mascara to add volume to your lashes. It may even be more important than those steps combined.

Not convinced of the importance of moisturising? These happen when you do not forget about this step:

You Look Younger

Moisturising hydrates your skin and helps prepare it for the day ahead. Especially when you use a moisturiser with sunscreen that you can get from online sellers such as Bali Body, you get protection from the harmful UV rays that make the skin look older.

This means not only do you look younger today, but you also prevent signs of ageing from appearing early on your skin; all because you did not forget to moisturise.

Your Skin Looks Healthier

A hydrated skin look healthier and suppler. This is what you get when you apply a moisturiser before any other product on your face. Experts recommend you moisturise in the morning and at night after you have toned your skin

Following a nighttime routine that moisturises your face helps it look well-rested the next day. This will look even better when you get a full night’s sleep, so work on that as well.

Your Makeup Looks Better

Moisturising is an essential step in your makeup routine. Without it, the products you pile on top of your skin will not stick quite as well. If the skin on your face is especially dry, rather than covering up your imperfections, your foundation may highlight those dry patches.

There is nothing worse than applying a full face of makeup only to be frustrated with how the application turned out. A healthy skin also makes it possible to go for the no-makeup look without piling loads of product on your face to fake the look.

Makeup application is smoother when your skin is hydrated and prepped. This is why you should not forget to moisturise.