Why Companion Care for Seniors is a Growing Necessity

Companion careWhen people grow old, it seems that they want to be with their family and friends a lot more than before. The truth is that people, in general, thrive on being with other people. It is a social trait in all humans, which does not diminish with age.

Unfortunately, with old age, friends of the same age are harder to come by. For senior home care in the South Loop of Chicago and elsewhere, companion care is essential to seniors’ well-being.

Companion Care

Companion care addresses the social and physical care of a senior. It includes emotional support, improving the quality of life. In real terms, the senior is assisted in shopping for groceries, house cleaning, and other chores. It supports the independence of the individual, and at the same time makes sure that there are guidance and monitoring, ensuring that the senior is occupied and that there is someone watching over him or her. It enables the senior to enjoy life more, and be more independent at the same time.

Companions are People

Companion care is provided by people, whether professional caregivers or volunteers. They are a consistent presence and a continuous link with the rest of society. It is emotional and physical care. For the seniors, it is the certain knowledge that there is someone in their life who would not intrude on their privacy, and give a helping hand and an ear to their thoughts. Without companions, a person would be alone in his or her thoughts, without any interaction.

Providing a regular warm body beside or near them, seniors can talk to them, do their chores with them, and create a regularity and normality to their lives. Companions need not be medically trained, but are required to be aware of the senior they are providing care for.