Stroke Symptoms to Watch Out for

Senior Man with Heart AttackIdeally, you need professional medical skills in emergency medical situations. Access to immediate professional medical response, however, is not possible at all times. Therefore, knowledge about basic first aid is essential. It can save not only other people’s lives, but also your loved ones, or yours as well.

One of the most common incidents that usually require first aid help is a stroke. Taking senior first aid courses and training can help you handle situations such as these and more.

If you are among those who are yet to take, this article can give you an idea on what to do in the event of a stroke emergency.

What is a stroke?

The US National Stroke Association described stroke as a brain attack that happens when there is blockage in the blood flow to the brain. When there is restrained blood flow, oxygen would eventually fail to reach the brain, and this causes brain cells to die.

You lose abilities concerning muscle control and memory retention. Stroke can happen to anyone at any time making it the second leading cause of death for people over 60 according to the World Heart Federation.

Stroke symptoms to watch out for (FAST)

1. F- Face drooping. If it does droop on one side while the person is trying to smile, then the person possibly has a stroke attack.
2. A- Arms uneven. Another sign of stroke attack is when an arm is lower than the other when raised.
3. S- Slurred speech. Difficulty in communicating is one of the major symptoms of stroke.
4. T- Time. Responding immediately is very crucial if these symptoms are present.

Stroke sufferers need an immediate medical response. You would be able to call for one if you know the symptoms. Stroke strikes anyone, anytime. It is always important to be alert and prepared.