The Love Corner: 4 Ideas for Your Sweetheart Table

Newly Married Man and Woman at Sweetheart TableThere’s probably no other wedding design element that should have greater priority than the sweetheart table. It’s technically the lovers’ area, so it’s only proper that it exudes… love. If you’re planning how to decorate your sweetheart table, take inspiration from these ideas:

‘Sit’ Outside the Box

The traditional Chiavari chairs look awesome, but if you could shake seat designs up a bit, that would create instant visual interest in your area. For instance, you could go for king and queen high-back throne chairs so you’ll feel like royalty on your big day. Or, you can opt for a love sofa if you want to easily snuggle up to each other, as family and friends give their heartfelt speeches. Ask around for event furniture rental that Denver-based companies like Alexan Events offer, so you can see which items fit your style and your budget.

Make Your Centerpiece Work

There’s a reason centerpieces are called such: they have to draw attention. Some of the items wedding planners use as centerpiece are flowers, Mr. & Mrs. signs, vases, and light holders. Your centerpiece should complement your overall wedding theme and color scheme.

Add Some Lighting

Nothing adds more drama and romance to a space than lighting. And your lighting depends on the style of the event. If it’s a vintage wedding, go for candles; the candelabras will bring out that old-school vibe. If it’s a rustic wedding, a shower of fairy lights at the backdrop is an eye-catching design.

Choose Linens with Striking Details

You want your sweetheart table to pop, so it’s best to choose linens different from the guests’ table. So, if the guests already have a certain shade of blue on their tablecloths, go for a shade darker or lighter than that just for variety. Then you could opt for sparkly or floral-patterned linens.

You have to make your sweetheart table extra special, especially since it’s one of the most important elements in your wedding reception. Have fun decorating!