Trendiest Wedding Invitation Design Ideas of 2019

fancy wedding invitationWedding invitations serve as the first glimpses of what’s in store on your wedding day. Whether your event will be held during the day or at night, if it’s casual or formal, your invitation letter will answer the essential details your guests will need.

In addition to providing the “who”, “when”, and “where”, you could also personalize the invitation by choosing a motif, color, and perhaps incorporating unique printing methods for a memorable design.

Ask your Vail wedding planner to add some of the hottest wedding invitation trends to complement the rest of your theme.


There’s a certain beauty and softness only achieved with watercolor. The faded, moody lines and tints exude a romantic feel that is perfect for different wedding themes.

You could include any imagery from one that displays your motif to a painting of the event destination. And don’t be afraid to experiment with various colors as this trend work well with both pastel and bold palettes.

Blind Letterpress

Blind printing is the process of indenting letters into the paper without using any ink. You can choose any pattern or wording, and the result is sure to impress. Moreover, the absence of ink is what makes this printing style stand out from other methods.

Laser-Cut Pocket

New technologies have also made their way into the wedding industry, and lasers are changing the way couples design their invitations.

If you have an intricate design in mind, only a laser can cut your outline with such precision that no scissor technique can recreate. The laser beams are capable of cutting extremely tiny details that make for some amazing patterns.

Invitation letters can be a great memento of your wedding. Work with your stationer to create a look that reflects your vision, and don’t hesitate to mix and match designs to help with the final cost.