Which Type of Jacket is Best For You?

a man on a ski tripFall has arrived and the chills of awaiting winter season beckons. You quiver a bit just imagining that winter wonderland. Then you remember you still need to buy that Bogner women’s jacket you saw at the shop. But is it the right jacket you can use during the colder months Pedigree Ski Shop notes that finding the right jacket is not that difficult.

Depending on the warmth and protection you prefer, you may choose among the following options:


fleece jacket is made of polyester that feels like pile wool. It’s a good jacket for cold temperatures, as it is lightweight and warm. Fleece comes in different weights with the heaviest designed for the most warmth. Synthetic fleece is even more innovative, as it retains the warmth as the outside gets colder.


An insulated jacket depends highly on down or synthetic fill in order to create warmth. There are several types of insulated jackets, but all have this insulation that is shielded with a waterproof shell. Insulated jackets are perfect for skiing and snowboarding, as the protective layering is thicker.


Shell jackets provide protection from the elements under cold environments, but they do not offer the insulation that fleece and insulated jackets provide. Simple and lightweight, they are very breathable. They also come in many layers, from single to triple. There are waterproof and windproof materials available as well.


The softshell is the most versatile of all jackets. It is soft, flexible, and can be worn even in milder conditions. However, the warmth provided by this jacket is not as comparable to a fleece’s or an insulated jacket’s. This creates a balance between protection and warmth. Softshells are ideal for sports climbing and other activities outside the colder months.

Choosing a jacket for the cold months require you to assess your needs, from comfort to the activities you are doing. Fleece and insulated jackets offer the best warmth, but the shell and softshell offer the best protection.