Newlyweds-to-Be: Here Are Unique Wedding Trends to Consider

a brideFrom the awe-inspiring wedding cake to the crisp white linen tablecloths; over the years, there are many time-honored traditions brides have stuck to. However, things are changing.

Away from using a particular color palette to spice things up, brides are now stepping away from conventional trends to modern ones. The aim is to put a unique spin on things, put on a show and give their guests mind-blowing experiences! These are the new modern trends.

From church to the gardens, the beach, or a museum — the list is long.

Most churches have plain aesthetics yet modern day couples want some color and pomp. It’s no wonder that in Maine, for example, weddings on the water have become very popular. Couples love how the setting allows photographers to capture the collision of color between land, water, and the sky.

Changing color palette trends

The impact of color on emotions has long been of particular interest to psychologists, artists, poets, and marketers. The wedding industry has not been left lagging behind. Nowadays, rather than just choosing the weddings color theme based on their favorite colors, couples are now letting the feel of their celebration dictate the details.

Think about this; when people are sad, they often say they are feeling ‘’blue’’. The idiom ‘’green with envy’’ also uses color to express emotion. The color red is used to denote passion and yellow happiness. Evidently, color expresses emotions. Modern-day couples are now using color to convey their personalities and set certain moods.

Unexpected entertainment

Entertainment is taking the main stage in current wedding trends. Instead of a DJ or a band, couples are now including other forms of entertainment, such as roaming sketch artists, theater performances and magicians. They aim to create an interactive event that is new and unique to the guests.

The wedding industry is very similar to the fashion industry in that both are predicated on ephemeral trends. As a modern-day couple, find something that inspires you and incorporates it in your wedding — after all, weddings are one-time events so making them memorable makes sense.