How Much Does It Cost to Own a Boat in the U.S.?

a motor boatThe most common recreational boats owned by families in the U.S. comprise the pontoon, the outboard and the inboard boats, which have different prices depending on the size and features that you are looking for in a vessel.

Those who want to own a brand-new pontoon may pay around $35,000 on average for a 22-foot variant. Smaller pontoons cost less than $20,000, while some may even require you spend up to $50,000 or even more.

Ancillary costs

You may think that the price of owning a boat ends after you settle the bill, but what some buyers fail to realize involves taking ancillary costs. These extra expenses include insurance fees, dock charges and fuel.

Hence, you may strike a deal for a boat worth less than $20,000, but you may end up spending more in the long-term due to constant repairs and maintenance. Instead of seeking private sellers, it may be better to transact with a well-known fishing boat store, such as D&R Sports Center (Boats Center) in Michigan. Boat shows are also your best chance of finding a good bargain or a wide selection of models. Those who plan to buy and use a boat in the state should be aware of certain rules.

Boating regulations

Like cars, Michigan requires people born after June 30, 1996, to be educated on operating a boat. The Michigan Boating Safety Certificate also allows most people to operate a vessel in the state. Owners are not required to have this. However, many choose to get them to save on personal watercraft or boat insurance.

On the other hand, the state requires all owners to obtain a Boater Education Card and must have it on-board during trips.

The price you pay for buying and owning a boat will ultimately depend on your budget and preferences. How much are you willing to spend?