Weddings in the Philippines: Three Key Vendors

Groom putting a ring to the BrideBe it a church, city, beach, or garden wedding, tying the knot in the Philippines promises to be an unforgettable experience. The country’s breathtaking sites and wonderful people will surely help make any wedding one for the books.

If you’re planning on getting married in the Philippines, below are three wedding suppliers that you need to consider booking first.

1. Venue

As event places in the country tend to get booked pretty fast, reserve a venue at the soonest possible time. Typically, reservations have to be made at least one year in advance. When choosing, it’s a good idea to get a venue where both the ceremony and reception can be held. Additionally, find out if the venue has in-house offerings such as an audio-visual system or partner vendors so that you’ll know how to proceed with getting your other suppliers.

2. Caterer

The caterer is another vendor you should get in touch with at the earliest opportunity. You may even have to communicate with them constantly until the big day in case there’ll be changes, however small, in the menu. For the catering service, be prepared to make a lot of difficult choices when it comes to the food—from the cocktails down to the desserts. Plus, you’ll likewise need to decide on the chair and table setting, centerpiece, and silverware.

3. Photo/Videographer

Booking the photography and videography services is another task you need to accomplish as soon as possible. In the country, these two services are usually offered as a package by one supplier, which should make the coverage of your wedding less complicated. Also, a photo-video coverage package often includes pre-nuptial or engagement photo and video shoots. Be sure, then, to talk to the vendor about the best time and location to conduct these shoots.

A wedding in the Philippines can be truly memorable. Get started on planning yours by booking the three essential wedding suppliers at the first opportunity.