Why Straw Hats Remain a Crowd Favorite

happy touristsStraw hats remain popular all over the world for their fashion and function. Farmers use different variations of straw hats to cover their head and shield their eyes from the rays of the sun, while tourists vacationing in some exotic island wear the more fashionable sun hats. Some are simple or more elaborate than others but both are able to do the job.

High Quality and Durability

In the countryside, women still prefer to use the straw cowboy hats over its other variations. The straw style is ideal for its strength, durability as well as beautiful patterns. Primarily made from plant fibers that manufacturers choose due to their texture, pattern, and evenness of color, strength, color, and fineness of straw hats depend on the processing and arrangement of leaves.

For example, straw cowboy hats from raffia are strong, pliable, easy to dye as well as easily packed. They’re also “crushable,” meaning they will bounce back to their natural shape even when you accidentally sit on them. Manufacturers also use raffia to make Hawaiian hula skirts, ropes, baskets, mats and rugs.

Sisal straw, on the other hand, is a known for its strength and beauty. It’s durable enough to turn into ropes and cords. Sisal comes from the Agave Sisalana species of plants, which grow abundantly in Central America and Mexico. But Brazil is its biggest exporter. Straw hats made from sisal straw last a long time. You can also wash and lay this type of hat in the sun to dry, without damaging its integrity.

Affordability and Practicality

Straw hats are not exactly inexpensive. Some varieties are also pricier than others because of the long and laborious process it takes to make them. Manufacturers also still handpick plant leaves and most will weave the hats by hand.

What’s great about straw hats is that they are lighter than fabric or leather hats, and the material breathes. You can wear them on warm, sunny days as well as any other day out. Even better, you can match the headwear with any outfit.