Dental care

The Facts and Figures of Dental Implants

Sometimes no matter how many people recommend a treatment such as dental implants in Cheltenham, it can be hard to be completely convinced of how effective it really is. After all, every patient is different and what one considers excellent results might not be the same for another. That’s where [Read More]

Food and Drinks That Can Whiten or Stain Your Teeth

Who wants white teeth? Dentists, the media, and most people attribute white teeth to better smiles, and better smiles mean more confidence and more beauty. You have had your teeth whitened yourself. Even if you have gained your pearly whites (through whitening treatment), dentists in Sioux Falls, SD say that you can stain [Read More]

Don’t Let Missing Teeth Make You Look Older

Losing a tooth causes the jawbone beneath to shrink due to lack of stimulation. This affects more than just your smile, but also that shape of your face. It can contribute to premature aging and bone loss, affecting your diet and ability to chew food properly. Choosing Dentures You might [Read More]