Which Type of Jacket is Best For You?

Fall has arrived and the chills of awaiting winter season beckons. You quiver a bit just imagining that winter wonderland. Then you remember you still need to buy that Bogner women’s jacket you saw at the shop. But is it the right jacket you can use during the colder months Pedigree Ski Shop notes [Read More]

4 Fashion Item for a Western-Themed Party

Cowboy and Western are among the most common themes for parties. They are especially popular because they go back to a time when Western and rural-themed movies dominated the box office during the 1970s. However, since the clothing that you need to use is old-fashioned, it is a bit difficult [Read More]

Why Straw Hats Remain a Crowd Favorite

Straw hats remain popular all over the world for their fashion and function. Farmers use different variations of straw hats to cover their head and shield their eyes from the rays of the sun, while tourists vacationing in some exotic island wear the more fashionable sun hats. Some are simple [Read More]

The Secret Meaning of Precious Stones

Gems have always held people’s fascination and interest, due to their brilliance, color, and rarity. Throughout the centuries and across cultures and nations, these unique and precious stones have adorned human beings for status and statement. From New York’s jewelry stores to online shops, these gems are purchased for their [Read More]

Men’s Guide to Growing an Amazing Beard

In the past, having a great beard means a man was powerful. Vikings wore long beards to show their strength and kings had it to show their affluence. These days, it can mean a lot of things. Having a beard can be a fashion statement or a sign of manliness. [Read More]

3 Style Tips for Plus Size Women

Plus size women don’t have to hide their natural curves behind baggy clothes and monochromatic color schemes. Here are three fashion tips you can steal if you plan to upgrade your wardrobe soon. Determine and own your body shape Once you know our body shape, you’ll be able to decide [Read More]

Fashion Goes Back to Beads

The Dynamics of Fashion The world of fashion is a very dynamic business. Clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories evolve or transform continuously. New players, names, manufacturers, models and designers introduce innovations and trends every year. It is not a surprise that for a lot of people, fashion touches their [Read More]

How to Look Stylish Every Day

Every morning, there are many decisions that you need to face. Your appearance should be something that is a top priority, but you might find it difficult to do so. Here are a few simple tips to look fashionable every day. Make sure everything fits The first rule of being [Read More]