Skin Care

3 Items that Protect You from the Sun

By now, everyone should already be aware of the dangers of too much sun on the skin. This, of course, does not mean you should just avoid the sun every day. After all, it is the best source of vitamin D. Navigating a day while protecting yourself from the dangers [Read More]

What Happens when You Moisturise Your Skin

You may think moisturising is an unnecessary step when doing your makeup, but you are wrong. It is as essential as drawing on your eyebrows or applying mascara to add volume to your lashes. It may even be more important than those steps combined. Not convinced of the importance of [Read More]

Take Me to the Beach: Skin Care Products You Need

Before heading out to the beach for a day under the sun, make sure you’re ready with these skin care must-haves, from sun tanning oils to skin soothing creams. Get your skin care kit ready and don’t forget these skin-saving products. Sun Protection The whole point of going to the [Read More]