Newlyweds-to-Be: Here Are Unique Wedding Trends to Consider

From the awe-inspiring wedding cake to the crisp white linen tablecloths; over the years, there are many time-honored traditions brides have stuck to. However, things are changing. Away from using a particular color palette to spice things up, brides are now stepping away from conventional trends to modern ones. The [Read More]

Weddings in the Philippines: Three Key Vendors

Be it a church, city, beach, or garden wedding, tying the knot in the Philippines promises to be an unforgettable experience. The country’s breathtaking sites and wonderful people will surely help make any wedding one for the books. If you’re planning on getting married in the Philippines, below are three [Read More]

The Love Corner: 4 Ideas for Your Sweetheart Table

There’s probably no other wedding design element that should have greater priority than the sweetheart table. It’s technically the lovers’ area, so it’s only proper that it exudes… love. If you’re planning how to decorate your sweetheart table, take inspiration from these ideas: ‘Sit’ Outside the Box The traditional Chiavari [Read More]

Trendiest Wedding Invitation Design Ideas of 2019

Wedding invitations serve as the first glimpses of what’s in store on your wedding day. Whether your event will be held during the day or at night, if it’s casual or formal, your invitation letter will answer the essential details your guests will need. In addition to providing the “who”, [Read More]

Ways to Pull Off Your Dream Barn Wedding

The rustic, barn theme is well-known for its simple, but charming vibe. It’s perfect for weddings as it holds many possibilities for homespun details and breathtaking photos. Finding the right location is a priority to pull this off. You can choose from many popular barn wedding venues in Minnesota, but [Read More]

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Different Occasions

You can’t go wrong with giving jewelry as a gift. For its captivating beauty and high value, your recipient is sure to appreciate the present. Salt Lake City’s AAA Jewelers indicates that jewelry can celebrate milestones. It’s the perfect precious trinket that will help your loved ones remember their special day. [Read More]