4 Things to Do When Visiting San Diego | 4 Cool Activities A Tourist Should Do in San Diego

touring the citySan Diego may not be as luxurious as Los Angeles or as exotic as San Francisco, but it does present many things that you cannot experience in any other metropolitan area in California. Located right next to the Mexican border, San Diego manages to show off a mixture of cultures that is typical of most Californian cities while remaining distinctly American.

If you are going to visit San Diego soon, the following are things that you can do in this great city:

Visit a Gentlemen’s Club

There are a lot of clubs in California, but there is something about gentlemen’s club in San Diego like Pacers Showgirls International that you will never forget. There is a reason why San Diego is known for being the “birthplace of California.”

Hike to Black’s Beach

Black’s Beach is known as San Diego’s go-to nude beach. The reason for this is the fact that it is pretty secluded. In fact, almost all of the options to get there is a bit challenging. Because of this, you may as well enjoy the trip there by hiking. When you get there, you will be rewarded with the scenery that will make a mark in your mind.

Pick Strawberries

Suzie’s Farm is known as the supplier of almost all strawberry products in San Diego. If you visit the actual farm, however, you get to have the opportunity of venturing into the field and picking out the strawberries yourselves.

Stroll in The Big Bay

San Diego’s The Big Bay is a 27-mile collection of waterfronts, parks, and establishments. You will find a lot of things you will want to do here.

The great thing about San Diego is that it is big enough as a city that you can have something to do day and night, without the huge flocks of tourists that haunt its two other Californian siblings up north.