Don’t Let Missing Teeth Make You Look Older

Man smiling with missing lower toothLosing a tooth causes the jawbone beneath to shrink due to lack of stimulation. This affects more than just your smile, but also that shape of your face. It can contribute to premature aging and bone loss, affecting your diet and ability to chew food properly.

Choosing Dentures

You might that think dentures are an ideal choice for replacing missing, as it can deal with gaps and address the cosmetic issue. The problem is, however, its benefits don’t go beyond filling in gaps. It cannot prevent bone loss or address issues related to premature aging. Removable dentures can also become loose over time and accelerate bone loss.

Crowns and Bridge

Implant dentists in Northbrook, Glenlake Dental Care, note that traditional crowns and bridges are other choices, but they do nothing about bone loss. Unlike dentures, they are removable, as they are cemented or placed over existing teeth. With these options, you can replace missing teeth, but bone loss continues, with greater risk for tooth failure and cavities. This is because they can grind down healthy teeth.

The Better Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are a much better choice, as they the standard care for tooth replacement. It can replace missing or lost tooth without affecting healthy adjacent teeth. They also have a post or abutment that provides support for the teeth. The best part is, they bond with healthy bone and prevent bone loss.

Long-Term Solution

These long-term tooth replacements are mostly made up of titanium and other components that are compatible with the body. They eventually become part of your bone, stimulating the bone to help maintain its density and volume. They can restore full chewing ability and help preserve your teeth. Dental implants will allow you to smile big, eat what you want, and be more confident.

If you have missing teeth and are considering implants, consult your dentist. You can be a good candidate if you are in good general health. Age is not a major factor, as your health matters most. Note that chronic illnesses and using tobacco products can affect the healing process.