Make an Entrance: 3 Clever Ways to Create a Foyer When There’s None

Window Shutter BlindsModern home owners know very well that the entryway of a house creates the first impression — and of course, it has to be a good impression. But what if you don’t have a foyer because of the tiny space? Do you just leave it to your nice welcoming skills to make a good impression? Yes and no.

Yes, because it’s still important to have proper etiquette in greeting your guests. No, because not having a foyer isn’t a problem; just by a few tweaks and decor here and there, you can actually create an instant entryway — and make a surprising entrance. Here are some tips to do that:

Decorate the door

Your door is the first thing people will notice, making it the instant focal point in the house. And since you’re limited to what you can do with the tiny space, going big on the design of your front door is a good decision.

Paint it with a bold or pastel color, depending on the overall design of your home. Or, consider having custom doors, which Salt Lake City design experts offer. This would ensure that whatever you put there matches well into your home’s style.

Put a gallery wall

That bare wall on the side of your door is the perfect spot for art. Give that corner some flair by hanging abstract art pieces framed in different sizes and shapes. If buying art isn’t on the budget, go for family photos. Print the images in black and white, put them in nice frames, and voila! You have a gallery wall.

Another option for an empty wall is putting patterned wallpaper. This will instantly make for an accent wall.

Install a storage area

The foyer shouldn’t just be an aesthetic element to wow your guests. It should also have a functional purpose.

And since it’s the last thing you’ll see before you get out of the house, treat it as a section for stuff you need when you’re rushing out. Mount a shelf on the wall where you can place keys and sunglasses. Or, you could put some hooks to hang coats.

Not having a foyer isn’t a problem. With some interior design magic, you can have an entrance that makes an entrance.