The Mighty Pompadour: Giving You That Timeless Look

Man having his hair cutWith short sides and height up top, the pompadour hairstyle brings back the classic look of the 1950’s – think of Elvis Presley. Today, many people are retelling that classic hairdo from the looks of Bruno Mars to David Beckham.

If pompadour sounds new and complicated to you, it is a lot niftier than you might think. There are different variations of this style that it can fit men of all tastes and ages.

You can even buy Wahl clippers online from reliable vendors such as NJ Barber Supply and let your friend do it for you. Here is a quick guide to everything you need to know about this timeless hairstyle.

Knowing your hair type

It is worth noting that unless you have lots of hair, then the pompadour is not for you. This hairstyle lends itself to men with longer and straighter hair. Still, that is not to say that men with curly and wavy hair cannot wear the style.

Men with straight hair will find it easier to sculpt a classic look, whereas the curly ones will find that their kinkiness will provide them with lots of variations.

Getting the right cut and length

After knowing your hair type, another key to creating the picture-perfect pompadour is getting the right cut and length in the first place. It is all about weight distribution. You need to make sure that you have the right hair length in the right places to make sure the style holds.

Knowing your face shape

The pompadour is perfect for men who have high cheekbones and a wide jawline. Still, those who have not been blessed with these proportions can still enjoy this hairstyle, as it totally depends on the stylist when it comes to incorporating a few tricks.

The pompadour is a style that has braved through fashion faux pas. A style is timeless and versatile, making it an all-time favorite. Regardless of your hair type, there is going to be a pompadour that suits you.

With a great stylist and a trusty comb on your side, you can sculpt your pompadour to suit whatever style you are after – from formal meetings to casual meet-ups.